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Cordless Endo Motor

* Handy cordless handpiece, very convenient

* Large LCD panel and access-friendly key

* Reciprocating mode is included

* Auto Reverse mode to reverse files when torque reaches required setting

* 5 programs for different file systems

* Speed: 140 - 550 RPM

* Torque: 0.3-3N

* Ratio:  4:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1

* Slim Head and light weight

Apex Locator

* Auti-interference, measuring results not affected by different kinds of teeth or root canal environment

* Rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity standby time can be up to 6 months

* Integral panel with touch inductive buttons, easy to clean and prevent cross infection

* It can be attached to endo motors

Obturation Gun

* cordless handy Gun

* Gun needle can be adjusted 360 degree

* Special inter design of the Gun needle can avoid overflow


* Temperature can easily get 200 centigrade in 30 seconds

Obturation Pen

* The needle can be locked easily, and 360 degree adjustable

* The needle type and temperature mode can be adjustable, make the gutta point more compact

* Double batteries, convenient to replace, filling more timely

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Endo Motors

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