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* AF Rotary is a traditional multi-files fixed taper system. It utilizes advanced C&M Alloy Wire Tech and safest design to prevent file fracture. The five files package is the popular companion for your daily root canal needs 

* VT Rotary is an advanced variable taper system with three shaping (SX,S1,S2) and three finishing (F1,F2,F3) files. It has a continuously changing pitch and helical angle. The convex triangular cross-section provides high cutting efficiency. The maxillary second molar and mandibular second premolar are shaped with these files.

* VT One is the Reciprocating One File System. It adopts advanced M Niti Wire Tech to provide more flexibility to fit the curvature. The primary 2508 Red file provides efficient yet reliable root canal preparation for most of the cases.

* VT Blue is the high efficient File System. It provides greater resistance to cyclic fatigue and greater  torque strength.  The reduced shape memory and multi-taper design helps prepare difficulty root canal cases.


* Cordless Endo Motor is the must-have handpiece for endodontist. It has both traditional and reciprocating features.  The handpiece provides Auto Reverse setting to reverse files when apical resistance reaches torque setting. The state of the art handpiece has 9 programs for different speed, ratio, torque. It definitely makes root canal treatment a lot easier.  

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